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Mie Center For the Arts

Mie Center for the Arts is a public cultural facility in Tsu city, Mie Prefecture, opened in October, 1994. Since its opening, the center has attracted around one million visitors per year on average.
The center consists of three main branches (the Fine Arts Center, the Lifelong Learning Center, and the Gender Equality Center “Frente Mie”), as well as the Mie Prefectural Library, and more. The Mie Prefectural Museum and Art Museum are also located nearby.
Mie Center for the Arts is renowned among the residents of Mie as a place that hosts excellent musical, theatrical and traditional performances, as well as lectures and events about lifelong learning and gender equality, and as a place with facilities that are available to rent.

Mie Pref. Fine Arts Center

Mie Center for the Arts offers a wide variety of artistic programs including classical music concerts, theatre arts, and traditional Japanese performances such as Kabuki and Bunraku. It is also the home to the Mie Junior Orchestra, the ever-popular One Coin Concert series, and drama performances by prestigious theatrical companies. In addition, the center runs educational drama performance program for young people. Prefectural music and art contests are also held annually. Mie Center for the Arts is dedicated to fostering a lively, cultural space so that visitors will have the opportunity to become fans of theatre and the arts.

Mie Pref. Lifelong Learning Center

The Mie Prefectural Lifelong Learning Center was established in 1994. The Lifelong Learning Center aims to provide residents the opportunity to learn freely and utilize what they learn in the society. Open-to-public seminars known as Mie Academic Seminars that are run by universities, junior colleges and technical colleges within the prefecture are held every summer, and offer a diverse range of learning opportunities.
Mie Academic Seminars are the only one of its kind in the Mie prefecture, and attract many participants every year. The center also runs outreach programs which offer students unique cultural and educational experiences in primary schools around the prefecture.

Mie Pref. Gender Equality Center "Frente Mie"

The Mie Prefectural Gender Equality Center, also known as Frente Mie, was first established in 1994 as the Mie Prefectural Women’s Center. After the gender equality ordinance of Mie Prefecture came into effect in January of 2001, the center changed its name to the Gender Equality Center "Frente Mie" in April of the same year. The goal of the Gender Equality Center is to promote diversity proactively in accordance with the name of the facility, “Frente,” which means “forward-looking” in Spanish. The center provides opportunities for residents to learn about gender equality and empowerment through lectures, online publications, consultations, and more.