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Mie Center for the Arts: Our Response to the global pandemic of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

[Last updated: 7/1/2021 - Restaurants and Shops business hours updated]

At Mie Center for the Arts, we are taking the following cautions in order to help prevent the COVID-19 from spreading to our visitors. We apologize for any inconveniences it may cause, and greatly appreciate your understanding.The duration of which this policy takes effect, as well as the content of the notice itself, may change at any time without prior notice in order to better suit the rapidly changing situation.

Current Status of our Services

At Mie Center for the Arts, we have resumed some of our services following the guideline provided by the Mie Prefecture. However, we do place the following conditions, in accordance with the aforementioned guideline.

1.Facility Rentals

We have resumed renting most of our facilities. However, we are placing restrictions on our online reservation system for some of the facilities. As such, we ask you to call us to inquire and/or make reservations. Available facilities are;

- Gallery #1 and #2
- Convention Room
- Conference Room
- Meeting Room
- Session Room

In order to ventilate/circulate the air as much as possible, we ask that doors be kept open where possible, as much as possible.
Please take adequate breaks (once every hour, for example) in order to avoid close gatherings for extended period of time.

- Cooking & Sewing Room – Use suspended for Cooking (due to difficulty sanitizing equipments thoroughly between each use)

1.Before renting
(1) We place the following cap on the number of participants;

Until further notice: 5,000 persons.
100% of the capacity of the space... Event on the premise that there is no loud cheers or cheers (classical music concerts, plays, lectures, workshops, etc.)
50% of the capacity of the space ... Rock and pop concerts, sporting events, seating are face-to-face
Meetings, events involving eating and drinking by participants, etc.

(2) We ask the guests from outside Mie prefecture to follow guidelines provided by the prefecture/city of your residency, as well as the "New Normal" of living.

(3) Hosts and participants of any event held on our premises are requested to follow the following guideline;
(Before the event) Please announce and enforce;
・Participants who travelled to the countries where pandemics are taking place within the past 14 days are not to participate;
・Participants with fever and other cold symptoms are not to participate;
・Elderly people, as well as people with preexisting conditions who worry about the risk of being infected, are not to participate;
・Participants are also requested to cooperate with the medical professionals if/when any of the participants in the event are diagnosed with COVID-19.

(During the event)
・Participants are advised to wash hands often;
・Participants are advised to keep social distance from each other (ideally 2 meters or more);
・Participants are to refrain from speaking, singing, and/or cheering loudly, as well as from conversing in close proximity;
・In addition, hosts are requested to prepare all possible measures of prevention.

We sanitize every equipment (such as microphones, chairs, desks, electrical switches, etc.) thoroughly after each use. Please rest assured to utilize them.

2.Ticket Counter Services

Ticket counter is now open to 10am-5pm. Ticket PIA service had closed on June 30th.

3.Branch Offices

Each of our branch offices (Facilities, Fine Arts Center, Center for Lifelong Studies, Center for Gender Equality, and General Affairs) is operating as usual. To contact, please call;
- Department of Facilities 0120-319489 or 059-233-1114
- Fine Arts Center 059-233-1112
- Center for Lifelong Studies 059-233-1151
- Center for gender Equality 059-233-1130
- Department of General Affairs 059-233-1103

4.Before Your Visit

Before visiting the Mie Center for the Arts for the services we still provide during this period (consultations), please make sure to make a reservation ahead of time. When visiting, we ask you to consider taking the following precautions, in order to help stop the spread of the disease.
(1) People with following symptoms and/or conditions: we ask you to stay home;
a. Cold symptoms (fever, coughs, sneezing, sore throat, etc.)
b. Strong sense of fatigue, short of breaths
c. People around you had been diagnosed positive for COVID-19
d. Elderly people or people with prior medical conditions who consider themselves vulnerable to infectious diseases
e. Visited countries/areas where COVID-19 is widely spread within the last 14 days
f. Residing in the prefectures/areas where COVID-19 is known to be widely spread including, but not limited to, the areas where state of emergency is in effect
g. Also, we ask you to fully cooperate with medical staff in case it becomes clear that there were any individuals tested positive for COVID-19 participating in the event you attended
(2) Please observe coughing etiquette.
(3) Please wash your hands thoroughly and frequently.
We provide liquid soap in our bathrooms for your convenience. There are also alcohol disinfectants available at the four entrances to our buildings (in front of the Grand Auditorium, in front of the entrance to the ticket counter, 1F entrance to the Center for the Lifelong Learning (Mie Prefectural Public Library), and 1F entrance to the Center for Gender Equality (“Frente Mie”)).

5.Restaurants and Shops

(1) RizCafe (restaurant and café):Weekday hours 11am-2pm (last order at 1:30pm), Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays hours 11am-3pm (last order at 2:30pm)
(2) RizShop: Open 11am-2pm
(3) Dai-dai Shokudo: Open 11:30am-2pm (last order at 1:30pm). Closed on days the center is closed
(4) Art Shop “Mikke”: Open 10am-5pm
(5) Tea House “Nagomi”: Closed until further notice (Subject to change without prior notice)

6.Public-use Areas

Hours of operation has been shortened as noted below;

(1) Fine Arts Center: 1F Cultural Information Corner: Open 9am-7pm
(2) Mie Pref.Lifelong Learning Center: 3F “Miru-Shiru” and study area: Open 9am-5pm
(3) Mie Pref.Lifelong Learning Center: 4F Chat space: Open
(4) Mie Pref.Gender Equality Center: 1F Information area: Open 9am-5pm

These spaces are open with reduced seats. We may also clean up these spaces as needed while they are in use. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

7. Cancellation and Postponement of our events

With great regret, we had to cancel or postpone some of the events we sponsor, and there are some others taht are still in process of assessment for possible future cancellation or postponement. We sincerely apologize to those of you who looked forward to these events, and appreciate your kind understanding.We are updating the list of cancelled and postponed events as they become available. Please refer to the events page for cancelled and postponed events;

Information about Mie Prefectural Public Library

Mie Prefectural Library at Mie center for the Arts is operating with its normal hours. Please do observe infection prevention protocol when you visit the library. (Meeting & Activity Room will be closed until further notice.)
For more information about the library, please call at 059-233-1180, or refer to the library’s website;

library’s website外部リンク

For inquiries directed to the organizations with offices within the Mie Center for the Arts

Please direct these inquiries to each of the organization;
[The Open University of Japan Foundation Website]
Boy Scouts Mie Federation: Tel/Fax 059-233-1166
Mie Children’s Club Association: Tel 059-233-1165 / Fax 059-233-1169
Mie Parents-Teacher Association: Tel 059-233-1163 / Fax 059-233-1164

COVID-19 information provided by the Japan Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare, as well as the Mie Prefecture

Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare – COVID-19 information
[Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Website]
Mie Prefecture – COVID-19 information
[Mie Prefecture Website]

Assurance + Visualization with LINE Program provided by Mie Prefecture

We are participating in the Assurance + Visualization with LINE Program. This Mie Prefecture-operated program uses QR codes displayed at places such as public facilities in order to record your visits. This information is used by the Mie Prefecture in order to inform all those who visited the facility at a certain time, if/when there is a COVID-19 infection among the visitors at that time. At Mie Center for the Arts, we display the QR codes at the entrances to each building.